Los Angeles Real Estate Neighborhood Report

Just as the weather is different from Los Feliz to Santa Monica, so is the Real Estate climate. While it may be cloudy & overcast in Marina del Rey, at the same exact time, it may be warm & sunny in the Mid Wilshire area. The Real Estate market works the same way. Year-to-year there may be a significant sales increase in Venice while at the same time there is an alarming drop in sales price from the Palms – Mar Vista area even though they are literally blocks from one another.

Did you know the Median Price for a Single Family Home in Beverly Hills was $5,592,000 in the last quarter of 2013? That's 37% higher than the year before!  The median price for a condo in Hollywood was $585,000 and therefore sightly less than the year before.  The average condo in Santa Monica was $735,000 and a single family home $1,845,000.  Every neighborhood is different, block by block, street by street.  Call me today for a full analysis and what the current market conditions mean for you.

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT: Los Angeles Real Estate Neighborhood Report Q4/2013