The Expo Line Reaches Santa Monica, At Last!

I have some very exciting news to announce. When it comes to being a Santa Monica expert, I hope that you look to me, your favorite Santa Monica Realtor, as your trusted advisor and unofficial spokeswoman of the area.

As many of you know, the NFL moving to Los Angeles, specifically Inglewood, is instrumental to LA's continuing growth. The news I am about to share with you, however, could be equally as significant if you own Santa Monica real estate, or plan to own Santa Monica Real Estate in the near future. 

The highly anticipated and long awaited Expo Line extension from Culver City into Santa Monica is complete!

Fun Fact: Did you know that this will be the first time, since 1953, that Santa Monica will be bringing passengers on trains? In my opinion, not only do I foresee the values of Santa Monica homes to be on the rise, I believe that Los Angeles area as a whole, will see an upturn in the next decade as well.