The New Expo Line Schedule is Here!

The new Expo Line that now lands you directly in the heart of downtown Santa Monica is a-hustlin' and a-bustlin'! If you have not been on the Expo Line yet, or want to, but don't know where to not worry. The official Expo line schedule has been released, which included a map of the entire line, showing where the seven new stations are located.

Just by glancing at the new schedule, it is apparent that morning commute times are shorter if you take the train, especially if you are heading east into Downtown LA. Even end-of-the-workday commutes seem to be less if you are taking the line as well. With trains running approximately every 12 minutes, you can't go wrong.

Now onto a more serious question: what about travel times down to the beach (if you are coming from east LA)? While Busses, taxis and Ubers can be both costly and time consuming (with beach traffic), if you ride the line, you can have you your toes in the sand in under 50 minutes. Not to mention, they will allow you to bring along your surfboard too!